Virtual Foster Program

Virtual Foster Program

Virtual Foster FAQ’s

What is Virtual Fostering?

Virtual Fostering gives individuals, who would like to foster but cannot for some reason, a chance to help foster homes by helping with costs associated with caring for foster cats and kittens.

How does Virtual Fostering work?

The Virtual Foster Parent chooses between an adult cat, a litter of kittens, a mama with kittens, or bottle babies. Every week the Virtual Foster will receive an update and picture of his/her foster cat or kittens until they are ready to come back to the shelter for adoption.

What happens if the cat or kitten gets sick while in a foster home?

Sometimes, because of circumstances beyond our control, cats or kittens may fall ill and may even pass away. If this does happen, the Virtual Foster Parent will be assigned to a new cat/kitten. If a kitten within a litter falls ill or passes away, the virtual foster will continue to foster that particular litter.

How long will I be a Virtual Foster for a cat or kittens?

Adults are typically in foster care for 1-4 months. Mama cats with babies are typically in foster care for 2-3 months. Litters of kittens are typically in foster care for 1-3 months. Bottle babies are typically in foster care for 2-4 months. Time as a Virtual Foster depends on how long the cats or kittens are in foster.

What are the benefits of becoming a Virtual Foster for Simply Cats?

• Helps with the costs associated with raising and care of cats and kittens
• Weekly updates and pictures
• Helps us save more lives

What if I want to adopt one of my Virtual Foster cats or kittens?

Virtual Foster Parents must follow the same guidelines and rules as any
other adopter. There will be no holds allowed and all potential adopters must be approved.

Can I virtually foster more than one cat/litter of kittens?

Absolutely! Watch as multiple litters of baby kittens grow or adult cats become more socialized.

How much does Simply Cats pay to send a cat/kittens out to a foster home?

• For one adult- $62.79
• For a mama and her babies- $217.48
• For a litter of kittens- $170.49
• For Neonatal bottle babies-$266.88

Will I communicate directly with the foster parent?

No. Communication will be through the Outreach Coordinator by email in order to maintain the privacy for our wonderful foster parents.

If you have any questions, please contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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