Finding Your Cat a New Home

Finding Your Cat a New Home

We understand that pet owners sometimes need to rehome their cats. 

Intake Policy
Are you a Treasure Valley family that needs to find a new home for your cat? Simply Cats may be able to help you. It is important to be aware that Simply Cats receives many requests every day to place cats with us. Because we are a no-kill facility, we are not able to take every single cat. We limit our intake based on the current capacity of the adoption rooms at our shelter.

We accept adoptable cats for placement in new homes, when there is space available. In all cases we encourage you to provide medical records (as complete as possible). Simply Cats spends, on average, about $850 per shelter cat, per year. It is also important to know that we will ask for a surrender fee to help care for the cat you would like to place with us.

Simply Cats will accept cats of all ages, provided they are deemed adoptable by our Cat Care Staff. Simply Cats is not equipped to take in FeLV+, FIV+ or feral cats. Because the rooms at our shelter are typically at capacity, it is important that you contact Simply Cats prior to the time you wish to surrender the cat, so that we can advise you on whether we anticipate openings in the near future.  We do not have a waiting list.   If you are surrendering a senior kitty, your anticipated wait time may be longer than average because these rooms tend to stay at capacity longer than others. If we do not have the space for your cat, you are welcome to check back with us at a later time or you may wish to consider contacting other Treasure Valley agencies that accept cats.

If we agree to take your cat, our Adoption Program Manager will schedule an appointment with you. It is critical that you arrive at the required time, or call us if you are going to be late. The surrender process takes about 10-15 minutes. Under no circumstances will we accept a cat without an appointment.

Additional resources and advice to help you do what is best for your cat.

Advertising for a New Home:

Many times, pet owners find their cat companions in places other than a shelter, so you will very likely be able to find a new home for your cat by advertising in these ways:
~ Word of Mouth: Ask friends and relatives if they know anyone interested in adopting a cat or if they are looking for a kitty themselves.
~ Social Networking: Use the power of your social networks. Post information about your cat on your Facebook, Twitter, forum, etc. pages to let your friends know.
~ Create a Flyer: Make an eye-catching flyer that includes a picture of your cat and a description of his personality.  Check out Simply Cat’s Out of Facility page for ideas on how to do this.  Then, post your flyer on community boards, pet supply stores, or veterinarian offices.  Simply Cats offers a 30 day placement of your ad on our Out of Facility page as a courtesy service. To complete the online request for an Out of Facility listing.
~ Internet: Be sure to post your cat for private adoption on “pets” section of the local Craigslist site and other pet-friendly message boards.
~ Classified Ads: Place an advertisement through your local paper’s classifieds. Remember to check into the Nickel Ads and other alternative newspapers such as the Boise Weekly, as ways to increase the exposure of your advertisement.

Advice on Re-homing Your Cat:

~ Charge a Re-homing Fee:  It is acceptable to charge a re-homing fee for several reasons.  Namely,  you put in care and time and love to ensure your cat’s basic and medical needs were met – you want to make sure his new owners will do the same. Also, it may keep people with dishonest intentions from adopting your cat.
~ Don’t be Shy About Asking Questions: You want to make sure your cat goes to a home that is the best fit for him. For instance, consider if your cat does well with other animals and then ask potential adopters about any other pets owned; if they have owned a cat before; if they can provide veterinary care; if they will keep the cat inside; and if you would be allowed to visit their home before placing your cat with them.
~ Make Your Cat Adoptable: Ensure that your cat is spayed/neutered, current on all his shots, clean and groomed, and tested for FIV and FeLV.

*Please do not abandon your cat at any shelter or veterinary clinic.  Also, many shelters and rescue groups, like Simply Cats, take in cats by appointment only.  This is to ensure that the shelter is not over capacity and to devote sufficient time to helping pet owners surrendering their cat.

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