Leave a Bequest or Contribute to Endowment Fund

Leave a Bequest or Contribute to Endowment Fund

Just Strays Animal Foundation, Inc., dba Simply Cats Adoption Center

What is an endowment?

A fund that is made up of gifts and bequests that are subject to a requirement that the principal be maintained intact and invested to create a source of income for an organization. An endowment requires that the principal remain intact in perpetuity, or for a defined period of time, or until sufficient assets have been accumulated to achieve a designated purpose.

What are the benefits of a charitable bequest?

You can make a gift that costs you nothing during your lifetime, and keeps your assets under your control.
You can change your bequest if your circumstances change.
Your bequest lets us know that you believe we will be doing good work, far into the future.

How can I make a bequest to your organization?

You can give us a specific amount of money or an item of property, or give us a percentage of the balance remaining in your estate after taxes, expenses, and specific bequests have been paid.  You can tell us to use your bequest for a particular program or activity here, or allow us to use it for the needs and opportunities that are most relevant to us when your gift is received.

Based upon the donor’s request, all designated gifts and bequests to the Simply Cats Endowment Fund will be placed in an unrestricted endowment fund (the “General Endowment Fund”), or in a restricted endowment fund established for specific purposes or programs (a “Restricted Fund”).

The primary purpose of the General Endowment Fund is to provide perpetual financial support for the primary benefit of the Foundation, to ensure the strength, stability and independence of the Foundation in perpetuity.

If you are interested in gifting to our Endowment Fund, please contact the Executive Director at (208) 343-7177 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) .

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