Barn Cat Program

Barn Cat Program

We sometimes have cats surrendered to us that are not appropriate for placement into indoor homes.  Often these cats are semi-feral and used to living outdoors with little interaction with people.  Once spayed or neutered, it is difficult for us to find adoption homes for them. While these kitties do not want to curl up on your lap, they still love life and want a place to call home.

You can adopt one or more of these cats to live outside on your property. All of our barn cats are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped!  These designated cats will be placed with NO adoption fee.

Some Recommended Tips for Keeping Your Barn Cat Happy and Healthy

Provide an enclosed place to house the cats for one to two weeks while they become acclimated to their new environment. Placing food, water, a litter box and a bed in this area will help them learn where their home base is.

Barn cats still depend on you for basic care. Studies show that cats that are fed regularly are better mousers because they have better overall health and energy. Therefore, the cats should have access to adequate shelter, a safe, dry bed, dry food and fresh water.

Keep your barn cats current on their vaccines to prevent illness and infection.

To view our currently available barn cats, see our Barn Cat page.

If you are in a position to provide a quality outdoor home for a spayed or neutered barn cat, please contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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