Happy Homes

Happy Homes

Sebastian (formerly Sherlock)

Sebastian and Don - mutual admiration society!

Loki (formerly Dr. Pepper)

His name, Dr. Pepper, wasn’t working for us…so after a few days of getting to know him, we decided to name him Loki. He is full of fire and mischeif, just like his namesake. This name also felt appropriate since we adopted him the day after the election and we were feeling a lot of “trickster” energy in the air. ;-)

He is a great companion for our other indoor cat, Shadow, and they quickly became best buds. They like to wrestle together, chase each other through the house and snuggle up while grooming each other by the fireplace.


I wanted to let you all know that Tess and I are doing quite well! In fact, aside from her rambunctious clawing at my pants leg like the adorable kitten she is, she has been getting along great with Elway, much to Marybeth’s joy I’m sure! This was our mutual surprise the other day: they have been getting along so well that hammock sharing is a definite thing for them. Elway has been much more sociable and just adores her.

Mckenna & Ariel

I fostered and adopted Mckenna (top) late 2015 and adopted her January 2016. I adopted Ariel (bottom) back in August. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. My first ever cat adoptions :) ​It took them about 4 months to really get along. ​

Annie (formerly Sally)

We adopted Annie on October 8. When we first got her, she had some behavioral problems. After taking her to the vet to make sure she wasn’t sick, the vet recommended we “reintroduce” her to our apartment and give her a room of her own. Our apartment is little, so the only room we could give her was the laundry room. She loved it, though!
Now she cuddles and plays with both my husband and me, and just as of last week, has decided the bedroom is also safe. I put a soft blanket for her under my desk to lay on, and she loves it! We love her so much, and couldn’t imagine life without her!

Rusty & Gigi

Rusty and Gigi…. obviously they are HATING each other! :)

Butterfree (now Sugga)

Just a picture of the kitty we adopted from you. She was called Butterfree, her new name is Shugga (cheddar bob) Segovia. She is growing and has adjusted to her new home. Likes to snuggle and play alot. I’m happy we found your facility.

Plum (now Sophie)

Sophie loves her pink house.

Thurston and Dakota

Just wanted to show you pics of Thurston (orange adopted last year) and Dakota (black adopted this summer). Lovely cats!
They are out enjoying our fenced yard on this beautiful fall day.

Linus (now Romeo)

Romeo adjusting to his new siblings very well! He is an absolute joy and hoot to be around. We love him very much, even when he does a sneak attack in the middle of the night.

Luna (formerly Elmyra)

Meet Luna…formerly Elmyra. Black Furday was good to us!


Herbie is doing well! He loves food and cuddling with us as well as the other animals. I actually woke up today with him, my 1.5 year old cat, and lab/husky dog all cuddling next to me.  He is adjusting better than I had hoped and the other animals are adjusting well to him.


Little Brooklyn is settling in nicely.

Goku (formerly Bert)

I came in to adopt this long hair orange tabby for my friend Kris who lived up in Alaska.
I was told you don’t usually adopt through people for other people, especially out of state.
I wanted to thank you for allowing us to give this wonderful kitten a home.
It’s been several months since he made that trip up North and I wanted to send you guys pictures of how dang happy that boy is!

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