Lifeline Program

Lifeline Program

Lifetime care for your cats in the event of:
an unexpected long-term illness or, in the unfortunate event that you predecease them.

Simply Cats Adoption Center will provide loving care for your cat(s), and see that he/she is adopted into a loving home to spend the remainder of his/her life.  We can provide you with peace of mind knowing that your feline friend will be loved and cared for should you become unable to do so.

To provide for your cat, you will be asked to complete a Lifeline Care Contract.  This will ensure a place for your cat(s) at our shelter during your lifetime or upon death.  A minimum of Twenty-five hundred dollars ($2500.00) per cat will be due upon surrender of your cat(s) to the shelter.  To provide for your cat(s) in our Lifeline Program through your will, or to leave a bequest, please consult with your attorney.

Lifeline Program brochure

Please also see information on our Endowment Fund.

For additional information, please contact us at:
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