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Happy Homes

Gene & Nora

Gene has been an excellent addition to our family.  It took Nora a bit of time to get use to sharing her space with another cat, but now they are two happy kitties. Gene enjoys checking himself out in the mirror and getting in as much cuddling as possible.  He really enjoys study time on the couch where he can learn all about Medical Terminology.  He also enjoys play time.  Gene and Nora do their best to protect our apartment from the evil red dot as well as the giant bug on a string.  He also enjoys a game of tug of war which is impressive for a toothless cat!  They both enjoy their evenings staring out the window protecting us from any attacking birds.  When it comes to bed time Gene does his best to keep our faces as warm as possible and even lets us have a little bit of pillow. He is a very sweet and loving cat.

Gabbie (formerly Myrtle)

I can’t help myself, but I’ve got to brag even more on “Gabbie”. Only day 5 and she’s been enjoying the balcony all afternoon with Cookie. Mind you, I didn’t “put” her out there. I simply opened the door & out she went, and stayed! In the pic, I caught her eating Cookie’s cat grass, right in front of her. Thank the Lord, Cookie doesn’t even mind!
I’m a bit in awe. What a wonderful kitty (actually they both deserve kudos)!

Kalahira (formerly Carol)

We’re doing great, and Carol (Kalahira) seems pretty happy here. She adjusted to the house very quickly, and she seems to have claimed a favorite spot in each room and likes to be in whichever room is currently occupied by the most humans. She is quite smart and knows which furniture is for scratching and which isn’t. We get in most of our play time before bed which is when she seems to be the most energetic. There are hardwood floors all throughout the house, and she likes to take running slides in order to pounce onto her Han Solo mouse. Too cute. Then she goes to bed when we go to bed and gets up just before we do. She’s our snuggly little alarm clock.

Spot (formerly Garth)

Spot and we had a very successful move to Moscow. He slept most of the way which was really the best I could have hoped for. We are now settled here and he has two lovely dog siblings who allow him to rule the roost. We are both happy as can be and the very best of friends.

ZeeZee & Willie

Here is Azealia—now “Zee Zee”—with her new brother, Willie.  We’ve had Azealia for 3 months now.  She is a smart, sweet cat, and a delightful friend and addition to the family. She loves the kitty teasers and Da Bird toy, and Stinky catnip toys. I take her for leash walks, and Willie comes along.  She also loves watching birds and squirrels out the window, and hiding in paper leaf bags.  Sometimes Willie licks her head, and she rubs on him.
She has a home for life with me.

Bruno & Bowie

The boys are still doing well. Bruno is slowly settling down with me - less tense and skittish, slowly more trusting. Bowie is the same as when he first moved in - fearless, food-focused, and appreciative of attention, even being held for short periods, if done respectfully :)

Penelope and Mirabel

Penelope lying on her window sill.

Mirabel is a snuggler.


Beautiful Obsidian being a panther and loving her new yard. She thinks she’s tough when she chases a piece of dust and thinks she’s ravaging a bug. :) we love her


We adopted our sweet Sven (former Dapple) from Simply Cats almost a year ago. He has completed our family and we love him dearly. He loves to take walks in our backyard and playing with his brothers.


Our Merrill (formerly Meatball) is having a wonderful life with his true love Charlotte.


Thank you for taking the time to check up on Quincy! He is doing great! When we first brought him home we thought it would take a while for him to adjust and that he would spend a majority of him time hiding. He surprised us by only hiding for a couple of hours. Once he felt comfortable he came right out and sat with us on the couch. Since then he has slept with me every night (he likes to sleep at the foot of the bed). He follows us around the apartment, watches TV with me and even allows my son to sit by him on the floor. He hasn’t even tried to attack the couch and only scratches on the post I bought him. I am in the process of buying him a cat tree so that he can look out the window at the balcony and watch the birds. He is a GREAT cat and we are so happy that we took a chance on him. I think Quincy was just waiting for the right people to come along. :)


Sorry it has been so long since I have updated you on Elliot! We couldn’t decide on a new name for him, but we have found that he responds well to kitty and pooch…so that’s where we are with that! He is doing very very well! He and our big dog get along pretty well. They often lay next to each other, though I’m not sure if that is a coincidence or not. My chihuahua is jealous to say the least, but we are working on that. He still sleeps with us at night, but he has definitely gotten comfortable enough to run around at night…very loudly! He’s started a pretty good eating schedule too! He will run to his bowl before we even touch the food container. I don’t have people over very often, but two of my friends have visited since we brought him home. He wasn’t super comfortable at the time of the first visit - he just hid under our couch! For the second visit, he actually stayed out and was very friendly. He loves to play, and is much more interested in being around us now, which is awesome! He rarely hides from us anymore, which is also pretty nice! I’m so thankful we decided to bring him home.

Thor (now Henry)

We’ve decided to rename him Henry. He’s doing quite well. We introduced him to everyone in the house along with the neighbors. He even did really well with our neighbors two year old. This morning we tried to walk him on the leash and he didn’t enjoy it - to say the least. He got a small introduction to our dog, and plan on letting him roam the upstairs level of the house either today or tomorrow.

As soon as we got home, we put him in my mom’s room, with the door shut. This is where he has been the whole time.

When we first got him home, we got one of our other cats beds and gave it to him to sleep in. He was quite a bit bigger than the bed…so we went out and got a bigger bed - a dog bed actually!

There are a few pictures attached too. So far I think he’s enjoying his new life.



We are so glad we decided to take Eli home on Saturday! He has been adjusting well. Our cat Maja was so anxious to meet him they spent the first 18 hrs on either side of our bedroom door meowing. I, with caution, allowed them to interact before the 2/3 day intro period (I just couldn’t take the meowing anymore;) But…We are ALL already snuggling on the couch together. Oddly, they are sharing the same litter box and have no issues if the other sneaks in on a much enjoyed bowl of food.
Just wanted to keep you and Deb posted on our progress.
Thank you both for keeping Simply Cats a very special place and sanctuary for kitties.
Blessings, Ashley