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Abbey, previously Clara (who used to live in solitary confinement at Simply Cats due to her non-social ways) is spending yet another day contemplating how beautiful she is and enjoying life next to her kitty toys.

Her 11th birthday and 3rd adoption anniversary are coming up soon!


Thought I’d just give you a little update on sweetie pie Bellflower. Here she is on her pillow with her favorite fuzzy blanket. She actually starts purring as soon as she gets on her blanket! The other little guy is Mr. Boo. We found him abandoned by his mama when he was probably only a month old and took him in. He loves BellBell.

Thor (now Henry)

We’ve decided to rename him Henry. He’s doing quite well. We introduced him to everyone in the house along with the neighbors. He even did really well with our neighbors two year old. This morning we tried to walk him on the leash and he didn’t enjoy it - to say the least. He got a small introduction to our dog, and plan on letting him roam the upstairs level of the house either today or tomorrow.

As soon as we got home, we put him in my mom’s room, with the door shut. This is where he has been the whole time.

When we first got him home, we got one of our other cats beds and gave it to him to sleep in. He was quite a bit bigger than the bed…so we went out and got a bigger bed - a dog bed actually!

There are a few pictures attached too. So far I think he’s enjoying his new life.



We are so glad we decided to take Eli home on Saturday! He has been adjusting well. Our cat Maja was so anxious to meet him they spent the first 18 hrs on either side of our bedroom door meowing. I, with caution, allowed them to interact before the 2/3 day intro period (I just couldn’t take the meowing anymore;) But…We are ALL already snuggling on the couch together. Oddly, they are sharing the same litter box and have no issues if the other sneaks in on a much enjoyed bowl of food.
Just wanted to keep you and Deb posted on our progress.
Thank you both for keeping Simply Cats a very special place and sanctuary for kitties.
Blessings, Ashley


Pudding’s one year anniversary of living the dream!! Thanks SC for all you do!!

Kilala (formerly Freckles)

I just wanted to let you know that Freckles has settled in! She owns the house. She has picked out her favorite spots (the big kitchen window) and her favorite people. She loves bird watching. So, Naturally, We have become bird people. I’ve bought several feeders. We renamed her Kilala (pronounced Kee-lah-lah). Kilala greets all our guests. She even allows pets by my 2-year-old daughter. Kilala is kind, polite, affectionate and playful. Everything we could’ve asked for.
Thanks so much for helping us find the perfect match,


Here are a couple pictures of Bandit (formerly Eric). He’s settling in very nicely and we love him!

Leo, Sophie & Mikey

Things are going great here in the Oliveira house with Leo, Sophia, & Mikey.

Leo (previously Van Helsing):  Leo is an absolute love.  He loves to stretch out on his back and have his belly rubbed for as long as you’re willing to do it.  He has lost all skittishness (unless strangers are over) and will climb onto our laps in the evening to be petted and offer his purred delight at any and all attention.  He also has been known to wake us up by licking our foreheads while purring profusely.  He loves both Sophia and Mikey but has a particular connection to Sophia who he can be found grooming morning, noon, & night.

Sophia (previously Apple Pie):  Sophia is our little lady (as we like to call her).  She’s dainty and sweet.  She still has a fondness for Chris that defies all reason.  If I’m sitting on the sofa alone, she’ll hop up and curl up next to me (but still a little ways away).  If Chris is on the sofa, she climbs onto him, stretches out and purrs constantly.  If Chris is home, she is at his side.  If Chris isn’t home (as he works odd hours), sh’ll climb onto Holden’s (our 11 y/o) bed and snuggle up to him.  We all just adore her.

Mikey (previously Tater):  Mikey is our most independent kitty.  He behaves very cooly—which is all a big front as he’s a total darling.  He is most comfortable with me and will follow me around when I first get up in the morning until I pet and give him attention.  He knows his name and will immediately come when called (if I’m the one calling!).  He’s still skittish but is well on his way to being an amazing house cat.  He allows me to pick him up and place him on the bed for petting without any problem.  We’re very careful not to push his boundaries and thus far he’s warming up quite well.
We just love each and every single one of them.  If asked, I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite as they’re all so amazing in their own way.  And, they all love each other so well.  I have never heard any of them hiss at the other.  They play and romp and cuddle and love together.  I have never 3 cats get along so well!
Thanks for asking as clearly I love talking/writing about them!  They’re a joy and I’m so glad I made the decision to head down to Simply Cats when I did!

Rudolph’s Fur-ever Family! (2 Updates!)

“Just want to let you guys know that Rudolph seems to be doing well. He seems to be getting more relaxed and comfy each day. I am getting him into the habit of going on a walk every afternoon after the puppy’s outing.  I’m hoping once Rudolph gets more comfortable in the neighborhood (the cars on the street make him a bit nervous right now) I can take him and the pup out together.  The neighborhood kids like petting him when we are out and he enjoys it too. And him and the dog are quite a pair. He muscles in on the water dish and her bed then she comes to me to tattling. Wimpy dog won’t tell him to move it!  And when I come home in the evenings they both come to greet me together. It’s sooooo cute They really seem to like each other’s company. I think he is turning into a settled happy little cat! Here are a few pics of him and the two relaxing after their exercise and meals!” - 3/16/2014

“Hi! Just wanted to send ya a couple more pix and to let ya know Rudolph is doing great. He likes to hang out on the back of the couch and look out the window, or just lounge around.  He likes his walks and socializing with the neighbors in my complex.  He sleeps on my shoulder at night time or snuggles up to my head. He sleeps fine but I don’t hahaha.  It’s great having him as part of the fam bam.  I love this not so little guy soooo much. Him and the dog even are playing together and he lets my pup give him kisses. They also eat together. It’s really cute. What’s funny though is if the dog drinks out of his dish he gets upset and makes me change the water! Here are a couple more pix. Have a great day!” - 4/20/2014

Success for Brooke (formerly Duchess!)

Brooke is doing absolutely wonderful!  We are madly in love with her!  She is beautiful and lots of fun.  She is getting along very well with the other cats.  Her and Reese have become quite close!  Her and Poindexter, our resident brat cat, get along great!  We have two cat beds in front of the back window and they both will lay there together looking out at the birds and squirrels.  Brooke is eating good, playing and she is just an absolute pleasure!  She reminds me so much of our Little Bob who died in December at age 17 from diabetes and I just know in my heart that he sent her to us!  She lays on Little Bob’s blanket next to the computer when I am working, just like he did!  For some reason, she has decided her place is on the flat top stove so she is posing there quite often.  No worries, it is an induction stove and will not come on without the proper pan on it!!!  Everyone who has met her thinks she is absolutely beautiful! 

I tell people all the time how wonderful Simply Cats is.  It makes me feel good that if a cat is unfortunate enough to lose their current home, if they are taken in at Simply Cats, they are in great hands until they are adopted and they will go to a great home because you guys take great pride in making sure they are never adopted by “moment people” who think they want a cat but really do not, plus going to a home that works out for them. 

We took Brooke to our vet on May 19th to get her booster shots that she was due for and she got to meet her namesake, the vet tech we named her after because she loved our Little Bob so much and he loved her.  She did great in the car in her carrier on the trip there and she was very good at the vet.  She didn’t cry and let them examine her and give her the shot, and even check her temperature, which no cat ever likes, and she didn’t make a sound!  They loved her! 

Bob and I are still going to buy a brick in memory of our precious Little Bob.  We just haven’t gotten around to taking care of it yet.  And, of course, we will be coming in some day to buy a cat stand for all the kitties, possibly one that goes to the ceiling as our Little Brooke likes to jump up high!

Thanks for checking in!  I’ll send some pictures later.  Brooke is in her forever home and we love her very, very much!

Donna & Bob

Carnation Update!

Just wanted to share that Carnation has adapted well and is very comfortable in her new house. She so funny, when one of us is showering she hates not being in there and she sits outside the door and meows until we come out, we love her.

Thanks, Jan

The Purrr-fect Fit for Freckles!

You helped us the day after Christmas when we came in looking for a cat and I just thought I’d update you and send you a few photos.

We adopted Freckles, and kept her name. She is a DOLL! So sweet and loving and her tiny little meows are so cute! She absolutely cracks us up when she lays with her legs out flat. I call it her ‘yoga pose’. As I had mentioned when there - I had a cat that I had recently lost who was 17.5 years old and she was my baby. I waited quite a few months before I thought I could open my heart again - as losing her was so difficult. Freckles has helped so much!! My sweet girl (Cecily) was a feral cat, and never really warmed up to anyone except me, the love my husband got from her was well earned, even after the years we were together as a family.  Freckles has taken to both of us really well, and she has quickly turned into a Daddy’s girl, which I know makes my husband very happy. (I’m only slightly jealous -LOL)  She will drag her fishing pole toy out into the middle of the room when she wants to play, and we oblige right away! She is a darling and we already can’t imagine life without her.

The work you all do there is awesome. I loved SimplyCats even before I ever visited - just for what it is. After I lost Cecily, it was so helpful to go and visit the cats and just give loves to the beautiful cats and enjoy their company. Since adopting Freckles I have a whole new view of the facility - we are so lucky to have something like this in Boise. I will always be a fan and supporter! Thank you for our new addition - she is a gem.

Julie & Ron C.

Success for Belvedere!

I have an update on a cat I adopted back in July! I took home Belvedere, but have since given him a new name, Cooper! Cooper has adjusted to his new home quite well and I am so happy he is my fur child. He is so energetic and full of life! Thank you so much Simply Cats for introducing me to my four legged best friend! :)

Judy Garland’s New Family!

Hello my name is Natalie Britan and I adopted Judy Garland from Simply Cats last saturday from room 4. I have changed her name to Gracie. I just wanted to let yall know she is doing great and adjusting well. Her and my dog Toby are already best friends :) thankyou for allowing me to adopt her. She has completed our family!

Thanks again!

Natalie, Gracie, and Toby

Success for Sweet Bellflower!

I just thought I’d let you know how Bellflower is doing after her first few days with us.  My husband and I can’t believe no one adopted this sweet little girl sooner.  She is such a mellow and laid back cat.  We kept her in our bedroom with us the first night.  She figured out where the litter box and food were, sniffed everything for about 10 minutes, then proceeded to find a nice spot on the foot of the bed and slept there all night.  She starts purring the second you pet her. 

I’ve also never had such a quick introductions between new kitties.  Our younger cat Luna is already loving on her (Luna likes to groom everyone) which Bellflower doesn’t seem to mind.  We are still keeping her separate from our older more cantankerous cat Sasha because she’s not a big fan of other cats, but even meeting through a closed door, Sasha just hissed a little.  Hopefully that introduction will continue to go smoothly.

We’ve also discovered that although Bellflower (or Bell-bell as I’ve already started calling her) loves the horizontal scratchers.  We’ve got one in the living room that she’s claimed as her own.  She loves to lay on it (and scratch it of course).  I’ve had many cats own me in my life, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one adapt so quickly.  We are just in love with this little sweetheart and we are lucky to have her.

Thanks for taking such good care of her!

Mary Howe